Recent Lab News

Abigail Leinroth celebrates with the lab after passing her PhD qualifying exam

March 8, 2018


Abigail Leinroth of the Hilton Lab successfully completed her qualifying exam in the Duke Developmental and Stem Cell Biology graduate program.  Abby is now officially a PhD candidate in the Department of Cell Biology at Duke University. Her thesis work focuses on trying to understand the importance of non-myogenic mesenchymal progenitors and their signaling factors in the regulation of muscle development.

Dr. Yinshi Ren's last day in the Hilton Lab. Next stop... Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children - Dallas, TX.

April 5, 2018


Dr. Yinshi Ren, a postdoctoral researcher in the Hilton Lab, completed his postdoctoral training and is moving into a Scientist position at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, TX. Dr. Ren's work in the Hilton Lab dissected the complex regulatory network between the NOTCH/HES1 and IL-6/JAK/STAT3 signaling pathways during osteoarthritis development and progression.