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Research Information

Postdoctoral Researchers, Graduate/Medical Students, and Technicians interested

in Musculoskeletal Development, Disease, and Repair Research



The Hilton Laboratory within the Duke Orthopaedic Cellular, Developmental, and Genome Laboratories at Duke University School of Medicine utilizes novel mouse genetic and surgical models to study  musculoskeletal development, disease, and repair/regeneration. Our research has a particular emphasis on identifying underlying molecular mechanisms that contribute to normal musculoskeletal development and repair processes or the pathogenesis of disease. One of the major focuses of the Hilton Lab is to utilize conditional (Cre/LoxP) mutant and transgenic mouse models coupled with primary cell culture and biochemistry to understand the contributions of various signaling pathways to the development and maintenance of the growth plate and joint cartilages, as well as, to musculoskeletal development, repair, and regeneration. To learn more about the Hilton Laboratory and their research, please send an email to:


Matthew J. Hilton, PhD



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